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Trophy list not appearing in US version


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Has anyone platted the US version?

I don’t know why but I can’t see the trophy list while being online. I can see it only after disconnecting from the network.


Is it possible that the US list hasn’t been uploaded to the servers yet? I can’t find any information.

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13 minutes ago, BrozYn88 said:

Maybe someone could ask on twitter or something, BadDriver's guide has been posted 3 months ago so is it possible that US trophies still are not on Sony servers? That's weird.


That's why NekoRave is tagged. They usually reach out to the developers to let them know that they never uploaded their trophy data to Sony. It's entirely possible because it's still a manual process on the developers part and I guess the process can have a few snafus so sometimes someone just has to let the developers know and help them get them uploaded.


When guide writers write guides to earn trophies, they earn them all locally so the process doesn't change if the trophy data isn't on Sony's servers. It's hardcoded in the game itself, which is why people can see the trophies when offline, but not online.

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9 hours ago, BrozYn88 said:

Sent two mails within months, no respond at all. That might be the crapiest developer so far I met in my playstation gaming history.

Unfortunately, a lot of devs either don't care and/or have shite customer service so completely ignore you :(. I emailed several devs a few weeks back about non-syncing lists but only 1 responded and subsequently fixed the issue - all the others outright ignored me and never replied ?.


EDIT: It took them long enough but the US list now finally syncs :).

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You a

25 minutes ago, BrozYn88 said:

Yeah, after two emails written on their site, I tried twitter today and got served very well :)



You are a legend.  I do not believe I've ever seen that response.  Please know that type of thing is impressive and helps all of us.

Let's give him the ups on his site reputation!!!!


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