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*Possible* exploit on stage 85 bloody palace

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I died on stage 85 two times with lady yesterday and decided to try again today. The blitz kills lady really fast because of DMD and because she cant go into DT. Today i wanted to try something different... i decided to stay on the very edge of the outer ring platform with the camera faced away from the two blitz (I know the enemies off screen is nothing new) whilst double jumping in either a clockwise or counter clockwise circle at the same time charging my pistols to level 2 or level 3 shooting them and repeating this. Dont use lock on as that will mess it up. 

This method seemed to confuse both blitz, neither damaging me and i received a no damage bonus at the end. Coincidence? Maybe. Not sure. Worth testing out with other characters. Please note i tried this method with every blitz leading up to stage 85 with lady and every time it worked making the blitz AI incredibly dumb and unaware of what i was doing. They will still use their laser but they will only do that near the edge of where you are and i either jumped over it just before they used it or they never used it.

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This is the method i used for finishing BP with Lady, just keep spamming her charged pistols while jumping in the edges and your safe


She has the easiest BP but the most time consuming one


You can do this with Nero but it's way less effective since his gun takes ages to charge and is not as powerful, but you won't even need it if you have the super costume


You can do this with Trish but instead of using the gun keep spamming triangle and jump but it isn't that effective either i just do it when i was nervous or wanted time to think what i should do next

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