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23 minutes ago, totallycrushed said:

Talk to Shaxx in the tower and take his quests and one of them should be the introduction quest. If not, check the terminal close to Postmaster on it’s left.

I just checked both, and it is not at Shaxx or the terminal unfortunately.  Is there perhaps some sort of prerequisite to getting this quest?  I am a fairly new player to Destiny 2.

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It should really only be New Light and Beyond Light intro’s that should be preregs. Could be also possible that you have to do the other introduction missions as well. They start when you first get to orbit or Tower and you get a new quest telling you to talk to Zavala. IIRC they’re all named ”New Light:”.


Edit: scratch all that it should be the Light Reforged quest like you mentioned before. Either you already have it in you quest tab or it should be available from Shaxx. Not sure why it doesn’t show up though if you checked both already.

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