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Site Suggestion - Incomplete Games vs. Completed Games

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Hey, on the main banner at the top of the profiles, the list of quick info shows ‘Games Played’ and ‘Completed Games’


Could / should this be changed to ‘Completed Games’ and ‘Incomplete Games’?


I know it’s just a case of simple subtraction, but since this is just the highest level ‘quick-look’ info, it would probably be a lot more useful to see the more relevant info - and given that the more important number is the ‘stuff still to do’ and not the ‘stuff already done’, a quick view number of the incomplete games would be really nice.


Might even encourage me to keep chipping away at that embarrassing list of incompletes! ???


I’d bet seeing a decrease in that number would be much more satisfying than seeing a meaningless increase in a ‘total games played’ number!


Just a suggestion - wonder if others agree?

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I also like the way it is now. Games played is a snapshot of your account, a statement of how many games you have on your profile.


If I would change anything I would change Trophy Advisor and list your incomplete games here, sorted by either platinum difficulty or the easiest trophy in each. Clicking on each game would expand it to show missing trophies sorted by rarity


Trophy Advisor is a feature I've never used as every trophy in there relates to a different game, following it would mean opening a game, earn trophy, close it, open another game etc.

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