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Help with Fill Your Heart Maxed


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Do I have to keep running their routes to fill out the aura chart or can I save before I get their UwU affection and then go to the safe feature, back out (so the game still saves) and then reload my save and repeat?

What's the most effective method of getting the aura chart maxed out? I currently have the game on auto-skip and running the routes I don't have maxed out.

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So, I ended up making two saves; on at the beginning of 8/01 and then another at the end of 8/02 and went around for those two days collecting auras and then saving/overwriting the 8/02 save and then reloading the 8/01 save and rinse and repeat. I only got two or three auras at a time, but it was much quicker than having to do full playthroughs like I was doing.

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