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Wrong trophies unlocked after transfer.


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Odd one. After my progression transfer had finally finished, all trophies I wad expecting to unlock did, except 1.


It didn't unlock my 'Finish all Challenges in Seberia'. It did, however, unlock 'Finish all Challenges in Hantu Port' that I never actually did in Hitman 2. No idea how that happened. 


Has this happened to anyone else and am I now screwed out of 100% because I can't redo any challenges?

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5 minutes ago, Garcia4Fingers said:

Yes kind of. Almost every trophy unlocked except for 6. They belong to the 3 different sniper level. Which i actually finished, like everything else. But it seems, as if they were not installed and therefore not carried over. Which is weird, because i never deinstalled them. Strange...

The Sniper Assassin trophies for 1 million points and completing them as Silent Assassin are at least intended not to unlock since they are based on data the carry over progress can't or won't check.

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Regarding sniper assassin mode trophies:


There are very few exceptions where the trophies/achievements will not automatically unlock. These are all related to earning a certain score/rating in a mission and are mostly related to the Sniper Assassin mode. To unlock those legacy trophies/achievements, all players will need to complete the requirements in HITMAN 3.

Source: IOI pre-launch post.

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