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I had some questions about the Innocent trophy I could find no answers to online, so here it is:


1. You CAN use Alette to weaken the enemy's armor in that first fight with Alette and Rook. I never used her again to be safe, since people say even her doing damage to humans/varl may void it.

2. There are random moments in the story where all characters in your party gain one kill, including Alette. This is unavoidable and doesn't void the trophy. She showed as having 2 kills at the end of the game, despite me never using her.

3. You CAN use Alette to shoot the silver arrow in the final fight and still get the trophy, and I highly recommend you do so, because having never used her she's next to useless, and if your Rook is strong, you may need him in the final fight. It does make phase 1 a massive pain though.


As other guides have said - don't recruit Onef. Trophy unlocks at end credits.


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