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Trophy guide not highlighting earned trophies

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Yeah, this seems to happen with every game that has at least one stackable trophy list. Far as I reckon, it seems that a guide is able to "tether" itself to only one of the lists... though, not having written a guide myself as yet, nor being particularly privy to the inner workings of the site design, I can't speak as to how this decision is made. As an example, I had the same problem with Mark of the Ninja last year; that guide seems to be tied to the NA stack whereas I was playing the EU version. As to whether it's a fixable oversight or an unfortunate limitation of the site design, I can't say.

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I think that if this was fixed, it may actually cause more problems. If you are playing multiple stacks of a game, which of your lists would the guide choose to display?


Now that I think of it, if you could choose which of your lists it was linked to that'd be really cool. But honestly I know nothing about coding and that'd probably be hard to implement.

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13 minutes ago, LoveInHell said:

Oh ok I’m gonna ask the guide writer if he can copy paste it for the EU version.

That's not gonna happen i'm sure. A few weeks ago i copied the trophy guide for Doom 3 PS3 and made it for Doom 3 PS4 but i wasn't allowed to publish this version because i just copied all text. The original author was mentioned and thanked several times but i was told to re-write everything with my own words.


As mentioned above the feature to link one trophy guide to several trophy lists is officially on the way so dublicating one guide to link it to a different trophy list isn't allowed.

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