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Stinking Rebels Glitched

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So I have spent at least 5 hours altogether trying to pop this trophy. Im 100% certain that its broken for me. I have had 5, 6 even 7 bodyguards on a warchief and whenever I start the mission whether its the summon warchief mission or betrayal mission, it refuses to pop even when there has been all bodyguards there to activate the trophy. I have no idea what to do anymore. Some of the trophies already glitched on me and I had to do a 2nd playthrough and on both of them, this trophy just isnt popping. I've lost all my patience and could really use any odd ways to try of helping me pop this. 


EDIT: It popped!! So a couple of days after posting this, I almost gave up after reinstalling the game for a third time using my 2nd playthrough save to try and pop this trophy. I had a warchief in both maps with 5+ bodyguards who were branded and these were tested out numerous times (into double figures). I tried to pop it without the patch a fair few times but still didnt have any luck. But for whatever reason after the patch was reinstalled it didnt pop immediately however after 5 new attempts using the same warchiefs and captains, it popped. The only difference was that I had a different warcheif mission that spawned me much closer to the action from the start of the mission. In other words, there was no correlation or real strategy in getting it to pop, it was fairly random and I cannot confirm if this was the reason it popped for me. The captains tend to automatically attack the warchief before you even command them to, maybe this was the problem because you need to be the one to command them and because I was closer to the warchief at the start, I was able to instantly command them before they could start their automated attack. This is purely a theory though as it seems to just be an extremely glitchy trophy for me. Despite this, hopefully my eventual success will encourage people to keep trying if they are in the same position. My only advice is to keep trying different warchief missions, you can do this by starting it up and running away to abandon the mission to get a new mission or simply have a captain betray your warchief to get a betrayal mission instead. 

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15 minutes ago, BRKs_Eagle said:

Well, you're playing the PS3 version, which is infamous for being buggy and bad in general. I'd just play it on PS4 instead, if I were you, considering you don't seem to be aiming for 100% completion on your profile.


Thats not exactly too helpful. Im only one trophy off the platinum. Im not just going to give up. Besides I already have done one of the PS4 lists. 

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