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Overpowered Guns Question

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I don't generally play a lot of Multiplayer but on a recent run to Plat this, one of the players gave me a gun with an electric mod and what seemed like 9mil ammo or something ridiculous like that. I know you have firearm mods and I understand that much but how do you get the ammo count to max out that high? Is this something you can do in Multiplayer/Arena later? Again, I've only played a bare minimum of this for the trophies so I was quite surprised getting this gun.


On a related note, doesn't this make the Arena trophies relative easy though? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm assuming that having a one hit kill weapon with pretty much as much ammo I can waste would make Arena a cakewalk? Can any of you confirm this?


Also, it sucks that I can't share my new found toy from my low level character that I only used to get to Act 1 with my Level 50 character that I finished the game with. Sucks. ?

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