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Retail only?


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Now that the game is on the UK store I am confused on what version to buy....


Turrican Flashback is the name of the game but there is also the (confusingly named) Turrican Anthology vol 1 for sale, which seems to have 2 extra games inside of it....




Clearly those games don't have trophies but still, if this is vol1 what other Turrican games are there for a vol 2?! also why are 2 games missing off the Flashback edition. I'm kinda put off buying the game now, is there any reason why this version with all five games is not available on the store version?

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I love the franchise and games from growing up, but they messed up the marketing (along with an expectation of such a 'huge' fan base out there) with some pretty greedy pricing on this one - everything should have been in the standard game. They still have a lot of special editions over at SLG and I can't see them shifting without a reduction.


I do wonder if the other anthology will be retail only. However, I imagine trophies are a must on it regardless, given Sony's policy. I did notice TrueTrophies has two listings (albeit empty) for the other two versions (named as anthologies).

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