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Story Mission Trophy Glitches


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  • 2 years later...

not sure if you ever managed to fix it but i've just had the exact same issue with the trophy for finishing 'the last enemy that shall be destroyed'. it still won't pop even after replaying the mission despite all the others working perfectly fine 

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On 18/05/2023 at 3:37 AM, MidnightDragon said:

Glad I never had this issue. Do you have a save from before the missions?

nah unfortunately not, not sure if there's much of a workaround other than playing through the entire game again 


edit: just managed to pop the trophy now about 20 minutes after writing this, turns out it was because i'd skipped an objective like 3 missions earlier due to another glitch so after replaying that one and having it work this time the trophy finally popped upon completion 

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