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Platinum'd vs. 100% completed

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Hi there,

I am not yet fully clear about how the site is calculating certain numbers. I am struggling with number of players who have platinum'd a game vs. 100% completed. Of course, there is a difference in case the game has DLC content which is needed to be achieved for 100% completed while the platinum trophy is achieved for the "base" game.

However, e.g. Maneater PS5, there is no DLC content, so I would expect if you have platinum you also have 100% completed the game. The number of players should be exact the same. Why is it not like this? Any ideas?

Thanks, and apologies if the question is stupid.

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In a case of games without DLC content, it's probably just this site's error with not displaying stats correctly. It happens not only here but in the "unearned trophies" as well. For example, my profile's number of unearned is 6397, trophy advisor (unearned trophies) says 6624, and SHOW DLC says 8397, so it's not always accurate. 

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