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Ps5 ok after I dropped it


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Careful, they sure don't make them like they use to. I could drop my PS1 from the top of my entertainment stand (about a foot from the ceiling) and that thing would turn back on and run like a champ. However, the third or fourth time I did this (I can sometimes get a little excited and pull on the cord a little to hard) the game inside the console scratched pretty bad and was no longer playable. But the console still worked just fine. 

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18 minutes ago, colia100 said:

You do know you can just put it down and play it like that, right? Like, it's not a handheld console...

I was cleaning it from the dust from it

44 minutes ago, NERVergoproxy said:

Did you get a heart attack? xD

Yeah because the uk is lockdown again so if it did break I can’t get it fix until April 

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