Franchising Trophy (Megacorp DLC)

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I got this trophy a couple hours ago and wanted to share how it was earned. 


1. Make an empire with the new Corporate Authority (along side other options like Democratic and Imperial)

2. Start a map with 5 additional empires (I forced all Pacifists so they'll be more likely to become allies). Playing a Xenophile empire helps. 

3. Play until you find the five empires, then slowly gain their trust/opinion to allow a Commercial Pact with each. 

4. Navigate to an empire's home planet and select it. You'll see a new tab called "Corporate" accessible with L1 or R1. Choose to build a branch office. This costs credits and influence (moreso the further you're away from them). 

5. Repeat step 4 four times and the trophy will pop. Note that the office doesn't need to finish building... only that you started to build it. 

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Other way would be to max primitive races and enlighten them. They will become your vassals once they understand space flight and you get to create branch offices there. 


Also note that criminal corporations doesnt require you to have pact with other empires to be able to build branch offices. If someone could test that you can also get trophy with criminal corporation? 


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Criminal corporations easiest way. 

No agreements are needed.

Start building violently when resources become available.

 All Megacorp DLC trophies can be obtained in one game.

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