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Pet carriers disappeared???


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So this might be on me, I'm not sure. I bought the 40 pack of pet carriers in a desperate attempt to get Dogmeat. I uploaded my save to the cloud, opened all of the pet carriers and didn't get a single good pet out of it. So, I decided to close the game and download my save, but now all of the pets are gone, the pet carriers are no longer in my inventory, and I don't have the option to redeem them. Did I just waste $20 because I made a stupid mistake, or is there some way to save myself?

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Yeah, I read somewhere that you could upload and redownload your save, wait 30 minutes (no time traveling), and "reroll" them. I figured it was as simple as uploading and downloading the save like multiple other games are. At this point I'm pretty sure I'm out $20, but that's okay lol. I'm only a few more quests away from my 100 and my platinum.

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