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Dartmoor Challanges - Escapes


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Hi Folks,

just letting you know something I had problems with.

Sometimes certain exits are not available.

  • Just save and reload to make the exits usable again.
  • Spoiler

    The "Bridge on the Thronmbridge River" exit cannot be used until you unlock mastery level 18.



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On 1/27/2021 at 3:11 PM, Shorah- said:

Some didn't register at all for me.

The boat on dartmoor, one in chongqing and one in Mendoza.

Lucky for us, there is no complete all challenges trophy.

Some are also locked behind Mastery levels or locked out during the first playthrough of a mission.  The bridge in Dartmoor, and the scooter and crotch rocket in Berlin.  Even if you find the keys for the two bikes in Berlin they don't unlock until you hit certain mastery levels. 


The sewer had an exit symbol in Berlin but wouldn't let me use it on my first playthrough, the prompt disappeared when I pressed it and only the fence was available.  Not sure about the boat in Dartmoor though, I didn't use that until I was at least Mastery 15.

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