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Question about self boosting


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I was wanting to boost the online stuff that just needs one other person with a second system. So I downloaded it on the other system. But it says it’s locked to my account and only the activated ps3 can use it. Is there a work around without having to buy it again, or just boost it all in a session? I already bought a second disk copy of the game. Thanks. 

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DLC can work on two PS3s, did you activate your GAME under the settings under profile?  Do you have another PS3 that is activated? You can only have x2 PS3s active wth games at one time, if you have got another PS3 active you can disable it under your Sony account online. I use two PS3s and have used the same game and DLC on both, save upload means I don't have to keep carting the PS3 round the house. ?

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