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Trophy Thoughts?

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Hey it has a platinum! That's a plus.

I may have to pick both of these Turok's up if they ever come out lol.


Turok 1 (NA): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0913-CUSA20201_00-TUROKPS401042020


Turok 2 (NA): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0913-CUSA25215_00-1190194351528830

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3 hours ago, Copanele said:

Assuming this one releases....ASSUMING! BIG IF!

If they allow cheats, this will be a 1/10 xD 

If cheats block trophies and you have to play on Hardcore difficulty and get all the blasted keys and talismans and Primagen keys... That will be one HELL of a game. Especially Lair of the Blind ones.

Turok 2 is a fantastic old FPS game, but it can get brutal. It also has some of the most insane weapons ever. But you better load up some old walkthroughs cause this piece of work is super convoluted. Those Primagen keys are an utter pain to get legit.

This is what I’m wondering as well. If so, it’ll be quick and sweet lol 

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4 hours ago, kdogg_gamer_ said:

I just hope if they are releasing Turoks with trophies please do the remake too. It was a really good different take on Turok IMO. These are obviously classics though.

I was JUST thinking about the Turok remake the other day, the memory almost felt like a fever dream and I had to google to see if there actually was a X360/PS3 Turok game. I'm excited for these for my kid nostalgia but I would love a remake release for my early teen nostalgia too.

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2 hours ago, RoxasOnFire said:

Shoot, I hope cheats don't disable the trophies. I wanna play in all the fun game mods they had from the list. I still remember the unlock every cheat code. I loved this game back in the day.

Totally agree. When I think of my N64 and Turok 2, I always remember playing with a sandbox of game mods. 

And of course I remember: I AM TUROK! 
Happy a trophy is named accordingly!

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What happened with the first iteration? Is this some kind of joke or simply the trophies get filtered? The trpohy seems to be get least a 4/10 if you ever take a FPS with stealth elements. However, may be a easier trophy least. Damn, has been almost 20 years since I tried a Turok title. 

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