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Hades Needs To Release On Playstation


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Hades is a game that sweeped numerous GOTY nominations and awards in 2020. Developers Supergiant games have previously had all of their games ( sorry if im mistaken ) on the Playstation consoles with Bastion being my personal favourite that i am quite surprised we still do not have an announcement for a PS4/PS5 release for Hades. 


When do you guys reckon the game will be available for PS4/PS5?


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I've finished it 4 times on PC and honestly i think it should've won GOTY since it's just on a hole other level compared to the rest of the nominated games (except Doom Eternal)


Gameplay, artstyle and music are really good but what really surprised me is the voice acting. It might be the best voice acting I've heard in any game I've played


Not to mention that the story is good but it's more for the likeable characters than the story itself. But the way it's presented is really unique since it's tied to your gameplay and wether you die at a certain boss or place. I'm currently at 25+ hours and I'm still seeing new dialogue constantly.


Really hope it can be ported to PS & Xbox so more people can play it:) and I'm sure it will get ported at some point . Let's just hope it's not a 3 year wait like Cuphead.

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Seems inevitable that it will hit PlayStation eventually, since their prior three games did. It can't happen soon enough, in my view—I loved Bastion and Transistor, and I enjoy rogue-lites, so it's the perfect combo. Everything I've seen of it looks outstanding. 


If it somehow doesn't, I'll be a very sad boy.

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