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PS5 > PS4 DLC unlock question


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Wondering if PS4 will be unlocked:


I bought:

PS5 hitman3 

In the PS5 game itself I bought the Hitman 1 and 2 Packs required to get 100% so also PS5 I suppose.


Now I'm wondering if I download the PS4 digital edition for the game will the hitman 1 and 2 packs also be unlocked? I would love to auto pop all those trophies but can't be bothered to pay another 100+€ 


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Already tried and yes everything autopops.


If anyone reads this and wonders how it works:


PS5 disk version gets a free VR code.

- input code

- start hitman 3 (ps5 version)

- The main menu in game has tiles on the right. Select the option to get free VR support.

- Game will now install hitman 3 (ps4 version)

- Start hitman 4 -> everything autopops including hitman1/2 dlc trophies.

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