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Ys: Monstrum Nox

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I recieved Ys Monstrum Nox early, but the trophies are not on the Servers on PSN yet..


Now my question was, how does it work if i earn new trophys? I earned a few noe stored localy on my PS4 from Ys, but im afraid if i earn trophys in other games then Ys, my trophylist will mess up if i sync them..


hope anyone can confirm thats not a problem? or do i need to wait till the trophys are online for Ys?

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2 hours ago, RCT3-Rulezzz said:

how does it work if i earn new trophys?

You earn them and they’ll only show up on your system with your timestamps. When Sony finally has them on their servers, you will sync and all your trophies will retain their original timestamps. 

You don’t need to wait for anything, there is nothing to screw up. 

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