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Offensive defense

Leo Leopold Leon III

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Does anyone else have a problem getting this? I see it's at 55%but I haven't been able to do it once during 72h of gameplay, I am in NG+ and trying it on basic enemies in the prison but it's not happening, it's never green, only yellow. I know how to do it, it just doesn't work, my timing is better than people from the guides I looked up and yet, no perfect block, I just don't understand, at this point it's 100% a bug, has to be.

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I mean not to be a dick but if it’s not working then obviously your timing isn’t perfect. I’m honestly surprised you got through some of these bosses not being able to directional parry. Jus


just use the implant, and when it flashes up you know where it’s coming from but just delay it until right before the attacks hit. Honestly makes some of the bosses a piece of piss. I used it so much. It wrecked Matriarch Celeste and the Delver

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