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Hi all, just a quick warning to players wanting to play/boost multiplayer/coop/guerilla mode.


I spent 2 hours with 3 other people trying to connect to each other. The ubisoft servers for this game are terrible at the moment. "Failure to connect to host" messages each time trying to accept an invite. 

We followed troubleshooting guides but to no success. We at 1 point had 3/4 players on the same guerilla mode lobby but the 4th could not join.

Numerous game and console restarts seemed to help briefly, please keep this in mind when trying to play. It was not fun wasting 2 hours of ours times.

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try this and see if it works...also for gurellia mode make sure that all parties are added as friends on everyone's ps3, then player 1 sends invite to player 2 and it should fail...then player 2 sends player 1 invite quickly ( as in send invite immediately) and it should connect....now player 3 sends host invite and it should fail then host immediately sends player 3 invite and now player 3 should connect. basically send invites quickly so that the game thinks or sees you are trying to connect to each other and will let you once you trade invites....its my theory that worked for me and 3 others ...good luck

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