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How to get trophies on 'editions'


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You can try the methods in the following threads but if they don't work, all you can do is write off this game and move on, because the problem will almost certainly never be fixed :(:


The devs have known about this problem for over a year now but done absolutely nothing to fix either this or the other gamebreaking glitches that exist.

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If it doesn't appear, most likely you'll never be able to obtain those trophies. People suggest that it's possible to "activate" the buttom by some way or another, but ultimately is just a matter of get lucky, or have the original PS4 physical release and hope it works :/

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I just 100% completed Minecraft.


I bought the physical copy of the Playstation 4 Edition (the one with Steve wearing diamond gear) but I also bought the digital Bedrock Edition beforehand because I didn't know about the "Editions" button. Depending on how many accounts you have, you must delete the saved data from all of them. (I deleted my online storage saved data as well but I'm not sure if you have to) then I deactivated my PS4 on the accounts I used for this. (Your PS4 must be deactivated during your trophy hunting sessions) if you have any digital version you must use an alternate account that you didn't buy it with. (Your Main account will be your splitscreen partner for the trophies) delete and re-install Minecraft offline, play around at the main menu for a minute or 2, close app, turn on your internet and download the update, start game but don't sign in to Microsoft and BOOM!! The "Editions" button should be there. I hope this helps someone.

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