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God of War Enhanced Performance Experience for the PS5 is coming February 2


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On 15-2-2021 at 6:35 PM, Stan Lee said:

I'll probably give this another playthrough if they don't pull an Insomniac and sell a God of War Remastered in an "ultimate edition" of the untitled sequel



It's free on the Playstation Collection, so I odubt it would sell. That being said, I'll run through this again as well, since I really loved it. Not 100%'ing this time, beating that Valkyrie queen once was enough.


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On 2/28/2021 at 2:32 AM, Valkirye22 said:

Is it a free upgrade for the PS+ Collection as well or is it like FFVIIR where you have to own the disc/bought digital game?

I sold my PS4 game with my old console and would really like to replay it :(

As long as you have a PS5 and PS plus subscribed you neither need a PS4 or own the game disc or digital. You get God of War included as part of PS Plus collection for PS5, and the enhancement (4k 60fps) is absolutely free for everyone.

It's the same game running on backwards compatibility, not a re-release of the game (unlike FF7R Intergrade), hence no second trophy list either. 

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I know this an old post but just wanted clarification on this. I want to go back and finish this but I've grown accustomed to the load times on my PS5. Do I just need to go on my PS4 make sure my current save is in the cloud then put my disc into my PS5 and continue on? Thanks in advance.

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