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I have finally gotten on a roll working out with UFC Personal Trainer with more than a week into it.  I owned the game since 2012 but made very little progress and I continually gave up.  I do realize that the Platinum is unobtainable along with several other trophies and that the move controls can be frustrating and glitchy.  But, I know I'll get many of the trophies and I've heard through other game forums that this workout is actually really good. 


Reading comments from other gamers that made good progress in this game, I also realize that at some point I will lose all of my data, even if I'm saving the data on a thumb drive or even through the PS+ cloud storage.  My thought is, I'll get as much done as I can before the data resets, then go back and try and get the 60 day programs completed.  Looks like there's an irreversible bug in the game where you hit 96 days and the data resets.  My ultimate goal is to get a good workout.  We'll see how far I get but my plan is to get through all content, including all 30 and 60 programs.

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