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PSN Profiles Seprate by genre

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In a roundabout way, yes.


Find a game belonging to that genre, then from the game page, look in the info box and you should see things like developer,  publisher,  type, genre, mode.


Click the appropriate link and you'll get a genre search.


For example, search call of duty. Pick any cod game, then in the info box where it says genre, click shooter.

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13 hours ago, Shielded_Pizza said:

Hi, sorry if this has been a topic before, but is there a way we can get a new section when browsing our PSN Profiles, with separating by genres? Sports, Shooters ect. :)


This is technically possible and already available in a round about way. Please consider this recently scanned in game, The Dark Eye: Memoria



In the meta data, you see a separation of Developer, Publisher, Genre, Theme and Mode. Every one of these items, if clicked on, will automatically query and generate a list of all games on site that match what you have selected. However, for this to be accurate for all games in the database, then there must be meta data applied to every game. Unfortunately, this meta data is outsourced to IGDB, and so if there is no IGDB entry for the game, then there will be no meta data on PSNProfiles. Also, if you were to make an entry for the game, you must wait for the entry to be approved by IGDB's administration. In addition to this, if the name of the game entry is not an exact match for the games scanned in name, then PSNP will not pick up the data easily.


Despite that complication, it is a feature that has been requested a number of times and is unknown if it would be implemented.

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