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Asgard shield glitch success for the entire team

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Maybe this was commented before. Just in case I post this here. I am playing with 2 friends from another games and we did not have any problem with the Asgard glitch for the Warlords in any difficulty. Till we arrived to Crushing...

There, you have the boss and annoying minions. So the non-host players moved around to make distraction. And most of the times was always "failed" for the other 2 mates. Maybe we got 1 entire team success and we tried like 8 times. Was just frustrating.

A friend of mine told me that it is important where are the others but still did not know how is this thing working. So I though myself... "if the other 2 players MUST have the moment in theirs screen? I mean if they need to see how is happening the glitch?

I remembered that when we played on easy, normal and hard they were always following me. But on crushing they were out because they were in charge of the minions that most ogf the times were very annoying to perform the glitch.

So... today we tried 6 times, they followed me, or they were close in cover just observing. And all 6 times were successful for the entire team, not just for the host.

I can not say, I can not prove that this is the ultimate method. But probably is a good tip to increase the successful ones for everybody.

I hope this will be useful for everyone. 

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