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Hi Hitman friends!


Thought it might be fun to try a little gathering place where we can share any contracts we have created and are pleased with, with other players on the site!


At the moment, still working out the format, but I'm thinking something like below (I've used my favourite one of mine so far as example)





Contract id: 2-02-9485246-48

PSN id: DrBloodmoney

Location: Paris

No. of Targets: 2

Personal difficulty Rating: 4/5


Plus maybe one hint, in a spoiler tag, if you feel it is worth while (keep it as vague as you like):




Just because you're in your suit when they die, doesn't mean you were in it when you doomed them!






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This is just like all my childhood birthday parties....







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Does it specifically have to be contracts we create? I'm much better at playing the game itself than creating contracts, but I definitely have some favorite contracts others have made.


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