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So Many Ways to Stop the Show buggy?


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Hi, i have a problem with this trophy, or with the A Rare Scoop part.

I did it now 10 times+ and the Opportunitie never completes.

Tried a bit with stuff but I cant get it to work. I grab the explosive, put it in the cam, give the scope to the lady and walk outside with her and wait for the interview.

I tried to bomb it right at the start when he comes in, waited a bit and also waited till the end. I doesn't mater, it wont count.

So do I something completely wrong or is this trophy buggy? The Trophy is also marked as buggy but how did you managed the Opportunitie to complete?

Thanks :)


edit: got it to work now, so the Opportunities are all marked as done, but still no trophy. Mhhh someone got the same problem?


final edit: don't know how this happened but I think it had something to do because my internet was gone a few tries ago. I did the Showstopper thing but didn't got the trophy, but the Opportunitie was marked as done. now I did it again and both trophys popped. so if someone maybe have the same problem give it a try :)

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Mine unlocked fine but I noticed there's lots of shortcuts to complete opportunities, could possibly lead to bugs with unlocking? For example all I had left was the fire work one, I spawned in as AV tech guy at different starting location, picked up a fireworks remote that was directly in front of the spawn and the trophy popped. Came here to check because I was a bit surprised it was that easy to complete an opportunity.

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