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Persian Nights 2

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Is playing the bonus game required to obtain the Celestial Collection trophy and the Stay a While and Listen trophy? Have played the main game twice now and can't seem to get either one.

UPDATE; No, the bonus game isn't required for obtaining the Platinum. I finally got these 2 trophies to pop on the 3rd playthrough of the main game.

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I missed the Stay a While and Listen trophy because I missed someone. I exhausted all dialogue with


Yasmin, Azar and Lhamasu

but didn't get the trophy pop. I assume someone else is needed. Can you PM me the answer so as not to spoil it for anyone who wants to figure it out so I can get this trophy? I always seem to screw up and miss a collectible in these games. :(


EDIT: NVM, Steam Community comes through again and shows who you need to talk to. Because you don't get dialogue bubbles, I missed that one guy after you heal him because I went through the door without thinking. Most frustrating task ever. Why did they do this? X(

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It took me 3.5 tries before I got the Celestial Collection trophy.  The one I missed big time each time was the part when you have a giant block and a rag and you have to freeze the ground, for lack of a better description.  The gem is vaguely visible underneath the ice.  I hope this helps whoever reads it so they can save a few hours of replaying this game and getting nowhere like I did!

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