Tracking made in hell?

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Hi all.


When I started this game I wondered why the Plat percentage is so low since yes it might be harder than the non-VR one, but in normal difficulty I went trough it in one go.

Now in Hardcore and other modes where it comes down to precision and speed it is almost impossible since your hands would randomly float away, weapons not being picked up/randomly dropped or just not being able to aim properly in general (throwing and shooting).

I have no problems with the levels since if the tracking decides to work properly for a moment I breeze through them.

I played it a lot together with a friends on Oculus which was on point all the time.


I have set up my PSVR with the various youtube videos you find out there and it is on point in any other games I play. No matter day/night time and lightsettings I tested: Superhot tracking is beyond bad for me...


Did anyone else also experience this?

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Unfortunately I can't confirm that the issues you are having are normal. The only times I had any trouble with this game was when trying to pick up objects laying around close to the edge of the camera field of view (which I guess is normal). 


Other than that, I could do the challenges with no issues whatsoever, as tracking was really not a problem at all. 


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