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100% Trophy Guide (VR Not Required)


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1 hour ago, postofficebuddy said:

Ugh, I would kill for a Spice and Wolf season 3. I’ll probably pick this up, thanks for the guide. 


Honestly same! The anime seasons are honestly so good. There are 2 games based on the anime as well.


I'll also have a text guide on this site soon if that's more your style, but both guides will have plenty of detail regarding the coin locations etc. Either way, the games are well worth it I think, although the price tags are a bit higher than I'd like (But since I enjoy anime and stuff, I got it anyway)

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On 2/6/2021 at 11:31 PM, Onime86 said:

Awesome thanks for the guide!


No worries! :)



2 hours ago, AerisFlowerGirl said:

Great news! I would be interested in playing it sometime. Does anyone know if the first game is the same way, ie can be played without a VR headset? There's literally zero posts on the first game on here and PST.org.


Both games are VR optional, despite the game name, like Hunting Fever says. I've played both games and they're well worth it, even without VR (although with VR is even better in my opinion)

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