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What's your favorite class? (Campaign)


Favorite class  

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  1. 1. What are your favorite classes?

    • Gunslinger
    • Hellraiser
    • Medic
    • Fixer
    • Slasher
    • Exterminator
    • Dronemaster

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What class do you prefer playing as?


Somehow, for an unknown reason, I seem to do pretty well as an Exterminator or Hellraiser, I get some pretty good results with it & just overall I feel like I can contribute to the team best with it


Normally in games like this I'd be more of a supportive type, but in this game I feel like lacking too much for it to be 'useful', I can go as a Medic... But I noticed I better leave that task to another teammember


I seriously dislike Slasher & Fixer though, as a Slasher I feel like being in everyone's way & just die over & over, whilst as a Fixer I get the idea I can literally offer almost no help at all

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All the classes have their advantages, but the one I got more used to and that I use “by default” is the Medic.

 I have already prestiged the Medic twice and I did both my Insane and Extreme playthroughs with that class too.

 I really like the game and I would like to do more Prestiges. The campaign is very fun, but playing it over and over again can get a bit boring and I don’t like the horde mode much (it’s hard and not very rewarding or fun). I would have preferred an arena mode (like Uncharted has), as a good way to have fun and get XP.

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