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[Video] inFamous First Light - Walkthrough and Trophy Guide [ScorpioOfShadows]


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Hello everyone,


inFamous First Light is another game in the inFamous franchise from Sucker Punch Production, a Sony owned studio.

The game is an action open world game with its story taking place before the events in inFamous Second Son.


Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 10 hours
Offline trophies: All
Online trophies: None

DLC: None
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Number of missable trophies: None


inFamous First Light is an easy game in terms of trophies and difficulty, but slightly difficult than inFamous Second Son.

  • The game is split into 2 gameplay worlds: the map with the missions and the Arenas

  • You need to complete all the story missions while gathering all the collectibles and completing all the side activities from the map

  • The game has a list of challenges that you need to complete, some of them are in free roam, but most of them are related to the arenas

  • For the Arenas you need to achieve a score of 500k in each of them, earn a total score of 10M points and fully upgrade your powers

  • Of course there are some gameplay trophies related to the arenas: Overload 25 Turrets, 50 Hostage Saves, Defeat 100 Enemies with a Neon Singularity, Defeat 20 Enemies in a row with Homing Missiles, 25 Stasis + Weakpoint Kills


If you prefer a website version with better displays of all the videos rather than a huge youtube playlist, you can check the whole playlist here: https://www.scorpioofshadows.com/games/infamous-first-light

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