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Positive Glitch


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Hey guys, I just wanted to post about a glitch that made grinding levels for characters unlocks a lot faster. I didnt see any information on this anywhere else.


When you enter a level after the first, if you hit the pause button it will spawn a large group of people near the center of the map. You can collect these people and pause and unpause to spawn more. I don't know how it decides how many people to spawn, but this worked for me. I was collecting 60+ people on every level to get the three wheel spins.  Using this trick I could quickly get 30-50 people on each level. I think this may make the 8x combo trophy easier too if you havent unlocked it. I cannot say if new characters will spawn in the cluster if you havent collected them before, so if anyone else can comment with that knowledge that be awesome!


Happy hunting.

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As always, no necrobumping intended but I like to play rather "old" games.


Thank you very much for this helpful tip! 


Unfortunately I can't confirm whether or not new characters are spawning with the group as there are simply too many people.


A nice aspect is that cats seem to spawn, though, so make sure to listen to the meow sound. This saves you the "hassle" of actively collecting the cats with the exception of the first and the last level. 


Edit: Having played both Vita - versions of the game I can now confirm that new characters spawn when using the pause - glitch. I never had to look for new characters intentionally :)



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