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Until Death Do Us Part - Cyberpunk 2077


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I've been trying to do the side mission Until Death Do Us Part in Cyberpunk 2077 & have been having difficulty with it. When Night City opened up more for me & I was able to do the mission I thought I'd give it a go but going into the lift (elevator) it wouldn't let me select the 12th floor which is the floor you need to go to. I though I'd leave it for a while & go off to do other things in the game till recently when I went back to do this mission & I'm getting the same issue still, I go into the lift to select floor 12 & it's still blanked out for me.


Anyone else have this issue & if so is there anyway to get it to around it or to get it to work?

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On 2/10/2021 at 5:36 PM, Rewemarkt66 said:

"It fixed itself for me
Try saving inside the elevator and reload, then spam the button when is finishing loading the save "


Found this as a resolution and another said it worked for them too. cant say if it works tough, i had no problem with this one as far i remember


I've tried giving this a go but every time I re-load the game after saving in the elevator the button for level 12 is still blanked out so looks like this trick isn't going to work for me

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