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Prolific gunsmith trophy glitched

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Hi, I had a lot of problem with that shitty trophy too.

This game is messed up so bad with trophies I even had to create an account here to ask for help with another bugged trophy: anyway I got the Prolific Gunsmith trophy after upgrading TEN WEAPONS TO MK3!!! A lot of grind but also a lot of satisfaction when the trophy popped

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Its really glitched, almost all my weapons are mark 3, only missing 5 or 6 to complete them all and still didnt get it, same thing for Hunter becomes the Hunted as i killed everybody on Golem island multiple times and nothing, only missing those 2 for platinum. Update the guide marking those as glitched.


EDIT: As i imagined it was really glitched, got it normally by creating another character, since the helicopeter crash i only killed wolves and checked the pve enemies counter until it reached 50 and the trophy unlocked.


As for prolific gunsmith it was the same, but farmed a goliath with all the settings on easy and not in immersive, it was on regular loot level mode.

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