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Cant Perform a Backflip

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So Ive just started this and Im currently in the tutortial, but am unable to perform a backflip. Ive watched a video of the tutorial being played through, and it didn't seem like the person did anything special other than hold "R2" to perform the flip once the monster truck climbed the shipping crate and flipped. However, my monster truck is not climbing the shipping crate at all, it merely bumps into it. Am I suppose to do anything else while trying to attempt this? The tutorial doesnt say anything else further, and on the video i watched other people had the same problem but with no posted solution.

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On 3/15/2021 at 2:58 AM, SHACKman-4 said:

I know this might be late but I had the same issue. You have to use a different controller or get a new one because the "R2" button does not work for accelerating at a fast enough speed to perform a backflip. 


After looking it up as much as I could, I did eventually find this to be the solution. Crazy how such a small feature can affect so much. This R2 problem was also causing me issues in other games I thought were having issues xD Sad

On 3/15/2021 at 3:06 PM, BornAddict said:

Go to gameplay settings & switch the airborne throttle to user input. Its annoying & you'll probably switch back after a few backflips.

Thank you for advice, if my new controller ever gives me problems, or sometimes I still use older, I will give this a try


Honestly havent gone back to it since the controller confirmation, but I love the Monster Jam games, so its nice to know it was just faulty on my end 

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