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"Bounty Hunter" bug

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I have unlocked "Chief Inspector". I know I finished the story line of Roland. I have 50/50 jobs. Yet, the trophy has unlocked. Very odd considering I have the 100% trophy but not this one.


Anyone knows a solution for this? Any recommendations? I would like to steer clear from replaying the entire game, but if there's no other solution how far into the game do I need to complete all of Roland's missions?




Edit: Since I had the game open for almost 20 hours (kept my PS4 on when I slept), I thought reloading the game could boot up the system and pop the trophy. It didn't.


Thankfully, turns out I had a separate save slot I made randomly. I had no idea it was there. And luckily I only did one mission for Roland. Redid the 4 other missions and surely enough the trophy popped.


I guess I'll leave this here as a warning. Save before you do the final mission for Roland.

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