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Gave Up


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I gave up on this platinum despite my love for anime games.


I might just suck at the game but the difficulty for Very Hard and Expert is insane, the fact you take damage even whilst blocking keeps ruining my chance at getting a Perfect Round and the A.I just keep standing there blocking all day and counter me when i try to break their guard. 


The grind for level 70+ is dumb as well, i almost have 10 characters to 70 to be fair but exp earned is nowhere near enough even on Expert 1, i was going to try and grind my way to 100 to make things easier but it's just so boring......I don't mind a grind so long as i'm enjoying a game but this is ridiculous. 


I've uninstalled it now as it was too grindy (something i never usually mind) and boring. I might give it another shot on day.

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Yeah man, I don't own the game but I saw your post and just wanted to say that there's always another day. Some games aren't worth the mental strain so I'm glad you're taking a break because, at the end of the day, it's just a game and a trophy. Best of luck to you in your future platinums!

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It’s a decent game. Sure it can be repetitive but it’s definitely not a boring repetitive grind. I’d say take your time with it. You don’t need to do it all in one go if you don’t have the determination.


Personally, I enjoyed it all. The only characters I liked are those from the franchises I watched which were mainly Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh. Damn that Blue Eyes is beautiful but regardless, I enjoyed playing with the 10 different characters. The grind wasn’t so bad and it’s honestly not that difficult getting perfects if you’re using a couple methods you can find around here and YouTube. But even without the methods, I was getting a couple perfects naturally so once you get the hang of it, it can be really fun but you’ve uninstalled it so what does my post matter ?

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