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Missables? Length? Rating?


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Just wondering how many missables there are? is there chapter select? How would you rate the game? Is it actually enjoyable or just some garbage shovel ware?
from what I’ve gathered:

minimum 2 playthroughs

Online Co-Op online (PS+ required)

Is free, either temporarily or permanently

With a guide can be beaten in <1 hour




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1 hour ago, HusKy said:

There's nothing to worry about, seriously. Find a good coop partner and just play blind to actually enjoy the game. Subsequent mop up will take maybe an hour tops.

~50% of all trophies are missable but when 1 run takes 15-20 minutes, it doesn't really matter.


In my opinion the game is pretty fun, especially for being free. But you have to play blind, that's the whole point.

Glad to hear. I always enjoy going into games blind but if the game was poorly made, boring, buggy, grindy, etc then I’d pass. I’ll give it a shot sometime soon!

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