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does immortality and 1 hit kills in accessibility settings disable trophies ?


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Nope.  I used it for one of the final "Kill X number of X soldiers" trophy and it popped.  I would recommend not using them though.  The game is satisfyingly challenging in all of the right ways.


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Posted (edited)

On 2/22/2021 at 6:05 AM, P_Pigly_Hogswine said:

Cheats seem to have no consequence whatsoever.


Honestly, I got so frustrated with some of the insane difficulty spikes in this game, I turned on both Invincibility and One Hit Kills for the DLC.

Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge. I've platinumed the Soulsbourne series multiple times, but Control is a game that peddles along at 4/10 difficulty then randomly goes 16/10 with enemies that one hit kill you and randomly teleport in so the whole game feels like horde mode, coupled with a baffling checkpoint system and an XP penalty on death. I'm fully upgraded and battled three regular enemies who took nearly 10 minutes to kill. It's pretty unbalanced.

This game just needed a difficulty select or better balance overall.

That's because the game is horrible. I honestly don't understand people that like this cluster**** of garbage, honestly.

The only thing that is fun in this game is setting up graphics mode, which runs so poorly at 30fps anyway, and walking around, looking at the graphics and the ray tracing implementation. The lighting is pretty sweet, the setting, cut-scenes and story are sweet, but boy oh boy... are you in for a surprise if you try to play and take any enjoyment out of it.

I haven't actually played a game that disregards the player's time and spits in his face like this, ever. From the quick one hit deaths from multiple enemies spawning around you, forcing you to replay a stupid amount of the same shit, to the stupid timers on some missions intended to just waste 30 minutes of your time and "fail" you, forcing you to replay the same stupid section again and again, giving you zero reward - penalizing you even.

The game is riddled with poor "beginners traps" that will just force you to die in multiple places, multiple times because "you didn't know that X was there" - meaning that certain parts of the game are DESIGNED TO KILL YOU and FORCE YOU to replay a stupid amount of boring content. Not to mention the multiple times you will die from falling in a hole you didn't know was there, or a trap designed to instantly kill you and waste 30-40 minutes of your time. The guns are so weak that I don't even know why they included them in the game in the first place. All of the guns are WEAK. The launch ability is so much stronger than I really don't think the guns are necessary to bother with. Just upgrade your Energy and Launch and spam it - it's stronger - and it's still a bummer to play.

The upgrades don't make any sense. Why are there no upgrades to take less damage from enemies, or to increase your overall damage with the gun? They always have these extreme conditions, forcing you to spent literally HOURS on end to manage your upgrades.

I don't even want to talk about expeditions, and the way the map doesn't make any sense and it's just designed to confuse you - forcing you to walk/run around for hours trying to figure out which section/floor the map corresponds to. It's pathetic. Were they lazy to do it better or is this the new hip cool way to design maps. God of War was the same, pseudo (freeroam) with a map that confuses you more than guiding you. Some sections don't even have a map.

It is pretty obvious that someone at Remedy Entertainment really, REALLY hates fun. That's sad because their older games are the opposite - they were pretty fun. Which means that someone at Remedy decided to steer the direction of the game into this pile of garbage that it is now. I don't know who exactly is the project lead of the game, but I would sure like to know - in order to NOT buy anything that involves his name.

I am so glad that I got a refund for this game when they announced it for PS Plus. That would have been such a disgusting waste of money, I wouldn't even be able to forgive myself for buying it.

This thread could actually serve as a PSA to other players who are looking to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice single player game with a great experience. I'm pretty sure that most people normal people on here who enjoy playing games will NOT ENJOY playing Control. It's simply a game designed to show you the middle finger.


They even have the audacity to tell you that "Control is a very rewarding experience" when you try to enable the Game Assists. What a joke..


Like AVGN says.. I'd rather eat the ass of a roadkill skunk than play this pile of messy garbage.


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