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[Videos] All Miscellaneous Trophy Guides


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All Miscellaneous Trophy Guides



[Bronze] What's in the Box?!



[Bronze] What's in the box?!: What did you expect to see in there?

- Open the Fridge inside the house


[Bronze] Fair Prey



You MUST be wearing the Fur Hat for the Trophy to Pop!


[Bronze] Fair Prey: It's not murder if they're bad people... is it?



[Bronze] Referee!




Grab the Hat, Put on the Hat, Go through the goal. Trophy will Pop!

[Bronze] Referee!: Unorthodox, but they all count!


Chapter 2: How to Solve the Chess Board Puzzle & Solution




[Bronze] Merciful Feat



[Bronze] Merciful Feat: Tempting, so tempting...

- Grab the key from the class room

- Go up the elevator

- DO NOT kill the kid drawing

- Get through the door, Trophy pop!


[Silver] Bully of Bullies




[Silver] Bully of Bullies: Creative, efficient, brutal. Top of the class!

Method 1 - Run across and get lucky. Might take a couple tries.

Method 2 - Crouch walk. Every time the teacher is facing the chalk board crouch walk to the next desk. Repeat until you reach the door.

Make sure 3 students are under the bookshelf. If you only kill 2 the trophy will NOT pop. You must kill 3 with the bookshelf to earn the trophy.


[Bronze] Mono Tones



[Bronze] Mono Tones: My, what a curious song you play!

Walk up and down the piano until the trophy pops.


[Bronze] Fly Free



[Bronze] Fly Free: Rebellion at it's finest!

Grab the Paper Plane from the room than go back to the window you climbed through and throw the paper plane out it. Trophy pops!



[Bronze] Hunger



[Bronze] Hunger: Plenty of snack for a growing boy

Use thew Vending Machine 6 times.


[Bronze] X Best Friends



[Bronze] X Best Friends: I see through you...

You must be hold hands for the trophy to pop.


[Bronze] Toys Are For Kids



[Bronze] Toys Are For Kids: There, you'll be much warmer now.

- Put on the Hat

- Pick up the Teddy Bear

- Throw Teddy bear in Furnace


[Bronze] ...And Stay Dead!



[Bronze] ...And Stay Dead!: Better to be safe than sorry

Hit the Hand with the Hammer 3 times to kill it.


[Bronze] Popcorn



[Bronze] Popcorn: Movie night on the ward - all taken care of!

After Killing the Hand grab the Fuse on the Table. Take that Fuse to open the door upstairs. Grab the Corn than make your way to the furnace. Throw the corn in the furnace.


[Bronze] Objection




[Bronze] Objection: Some holes are many picky than others

Pick up the Cheese next to the bed, than throw the cheese into the hole.


[Bronze] Medicine Ball



[Bronze] Medicine Ball: Any other last requests?

Grab the Medicine Ball, Than throw it at the hands. They need to catch the Ball for the trophy to pop.


[Bronze] First Do No Harm



[Bronze] First Do No Harm: It's crueller to let him live

Do NOT kill him in the Furnace.



[Silver] Unladylike



[Silver] Unladylike: Hello, have we met?

Grab the staue and throw it at a wall to smash it. Trophy pop!


[Silver] Post Industrial



[Silver] Post Industrial: You punctuated someone's day. Maybe they'll notice!

- Collect the Postman hat

- Put on the Postman Hat (KEEP IT ON)

- Go down the shaft and open the suitcase

- Grab item inside suitcase and deliver it to the door to your left.

- Trophy pop after delivery is complete



[Bronze] How Do I Look?



[Bronze] How Do I Look?: Perfect! It's so... you!

After completing the main story you will get a Hat, put it on to unlock the trophy.


[Bronze] Twenty-Six



[Bronze] Twenty-Six: Relax, she heard you!

Press Triangle or Y to call 26 times. Trophy will pop after 26 calls.


[Silver] In The Palm Of My Hand



[Silver] In The Palm Of My Hand: Hold tight and we'll be just fine

Hold hands for around 6 minutes than let go. Trophy will pop!


Nome's Hat Location (DLC Required)



You must have the Deluxe Bundle Content to be able to play "Nome's Attic DLC"

If you got the Standard Edition of the game the DLC will cost you around $15.


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Don't forget Evasive Prey in Chapter 1 for making it to the house without dying. Easily done via chapter select if missed. The only other thing I would note is that this list mostly follows the order in which you would come across the trophies EXCEPT for "Fly Free". This one would occur just after the "Referee" trophy. Otherwise, this helped me plan out my run a lot so far. 

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