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Word of Warning before you start this game, it has an awful camera.


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Having just finished this, I have to say this was a very frustrating game to play. The camera is set up like Super Mario 3d World where it will automatically move and pivot depending on the level. However unlike Mario 3d World the stages are set up like Spyro the Dragon and are more open world and are not a closed obstacle course type of level design. You have next to zero control over the camera, you can move it up and down minimally and that's it, no side movements whatsoever. There's only 6 levels and throughout all of them I found myself needing to take leaps of faith because the camera was facing forwards on the character and I couldn't get it to spin around so it could be properly behind the character. Objects can turn transparent if you get close enough but this only happens on occasion, the camera has a tendency to get stuck on things. The collectable puzzles are also not the best designed and I found myself accidently sequence breaking because the intended solution was more contrived than the visibly apparent solution, and by doing this, this can also screw up the camera because it will spin around to the wrong position because some sequence value it's tied to has not been met.


I understand that this is a game for kids but in all honesty, it's very poorly designed in all aspects. Spyro itself was way easier to 100% and taught the intended mechanics better and would be easier for young children to understand. Here, there's a bunch of convoluted actions that it poorly explains(i.e. the basketball puzzles, how to avoid bees, and the building material puzzle) or there's stuff that's plain out of view but it's part of the solution, and also the map's direction of North is not the way your character is facing but "North" is what direction the game's camera is facing which you have no control of so the map is almost useless for trying to run to the next collectible marked on your map. There's also instances where if you fall into lava and respawn you'll still be in lava and keep dying and restarting for a minute or so before the game cycles through enough game overs that you spawn back at camp.


All in all it's not an "easy" platinum because you'll be fighting the game's camera for half the time.

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