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Do you need friends with AC Black Flag to see if the social events and unlock that trophy?

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As others have said, just need the Wi-Fi signal to indicate connection to the Ubisoft servers. However, the events can be an absolute bitch all the same, when I played on PS3 the Chests were abundant, the Whales rare enough and the convoys were hopeless so it's pretty much down to luck if they spawn, just keep fast travelling around and they should come along in a few hours...

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You don't need friends for the social events. Just make sure the wifi icon is there.


Apart from that you're always connected to a certain server and within this server there will always be exactly one of each.

There are maps available on the internet with all possible spawns for each type. So if you're still missing this by the end of the game you can just connect to a server and then without restarting from main menu or logging in/out, check all the locations until you find what you need.


Back in the day people would report where they had seen one and for how long it would be available. It was possible that you didn't see it in your game but after going to main menu and starting the game again it might suddenly be there because you connected to another server.

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