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Platinum really that easy ?


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I mean almost 50% of this site has plat. Get this for free on PS+ and heard a lot of good thing so I give this a try as i heard a lot that this is easy plat.

While I only play a little bit , I find myself dizzy while playing this game and underwater way is very easy to get lost. which I didnt like in most game with water level but this is whole game.

The real fight maybe not be difficulty as I play far more harder game but for some reason I am not confident I can get a plat on this game due to dizziness i got while playing make it a bit uneasy for me to play.

Anyone feel this while playing and is it got better later? in term of gameplay as well (I found it a little bit tedious on leveling)

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These are two different things, if you are feeling sick/disoriented while playing this particular game than definitely you shouldn't - or should try moving the graphic settings around if it help.

It's a very easy and actually fun platinum IF the game doesn't screw you up IRL :)


I had the same issue with Dishonored if I remember correctly. Only game that ever made my head hurt until I figured out what to turn off in the settings, otherwise I would have surely dropped it.

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