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Gigolo glitch still works


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Just want to get this message out there because there's conflicting reports online about the glitch being patched in the PS3 version, and the trophy guide makes no mention of it at all. I can personally confirm that if you leave the final dungeon after receiving the Derris Emblem, and immediately go back to talk to Zelos's butler, he'll give you the title even if you didn't fulfill the requirements.


For the record, I was actively trying to get the title and did talk to most of the women in the game, but I never rebuilt Luin and I somehow missed a person in Ozette so I couldn't have gotten the title the correct way. I've also seen people online mention how they got the title only after completing one town, so I'm not sure what the specific requirements for this glitch could be.


Anyway, just wanted to give people a bit of hope about skipping this title, because it's one of the most annoying in the game.

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Thank you very much!

I went to talk to the butler straight after getting the Derris Emblem and got the title.

I think I did talk to all women, but I talked to the butler before going to Derris Kharlan and he wouldn't give me the title, so I must have missed someone.

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