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Returner trophy hunting


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Hello there

A returning player is looking for some insight.

I played this game like crazy in 2015 and i wanted to pick it up again just for some fun and maybe some trophies.

Back in 2015 i reached the (now removed) highest veteran rank and started to collect some champion ranks after that and lost interest.

Areas were not scaled and so i quested myself through almost all territories.


Tamriel Unlimited changed a lot and now i see myself getting my butt kicked in starting areas with gear and skills that were totally fine 5 years ago.


Is it normal to lose every encounter with 2+ mobs in a starting area?

Group bosses were somewhat killable alone. Is that now impossible?


I am really grateful for any kind of advice to hop into this awesome game once again.


Some information about my character:

High Elf

Champion Rank 214



It seems that my gear is for CR 130. Whatever that means in terms of strength.


I hope i found the right place to post and feel free to correct me spelling wise as this isn´t my main language.


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What you're experiencing on ESO right now is the equivalent to if you were in a coma in the 1990s and woke up in 2021, the game has changed so much since you last played it. The gear cap is Champion 160, your Champion 130 gear is pretty much useless in the content of the game right now. I am gonna also assume that your gear you use right now isn't part of any sets and is just random pick ups, you'll want to equip yourself with at least two 5 piece sets of champion 160 gear that is useful for your play style (magicka or stamina)... Normally people in the game can help you out with this by giving you crafted gear that should help you survive, if you're a High Elf Sorcerer then that means you'll want to play as a Magicka Sorcerer, so your first start should be to get 2 Crafted sets to use until you can equip better gear. I recommend combining Shacklebreaker (high magicka and some recovery) with Julianos (High critical chance) and then just wear 2 other random pieces of gear that give you a max magicka bonus for 2 items, at least wearing those pieces of gear will give you a better chance of surviving. I did make a big information thread here though:

It explains nearly every feature in the game so you'll know what the game was lacking in 2015 compared to today.

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A couple of weeks ago I've been where you are now. Returning after several years, struggeling with almost everything the game threw at me. But I've worked on my character and it is unbelievable how strong you can be with the right setup, compared to what I started with.


It was normal for me to be troubled with 2+ mobs. I remember fighting a single troll, that kept healing itself, for like 10 minutes before I finally killed it. That kind of enemy I can now kill in less than 10 seconds! Public dungeons and their group bosses are no problem at all, Dolmen are super easy.

The only thing I still struggle with alone are world bosses (those skulls on the map 1.5+million health), but only because they have attacks that deal much more damage then my max health is and I'm not set up to take all that beating.


I'm sure you'll find super helpfull build guides on the internet to start with, like I did for my dragonknight, with gear that is more or less easy to aquire.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So about a month later and i feel like i am into it again.

It´s really the best to look for a character build and start from there.

My Sorcerer can now solo any easy content such as dolmen, dungeon and even public dungeons and "almost" all world bosses.


I don´t expect to platin it though. Yes i am looking at you Emperor! trophy.


However i didn´t had any ultra rare trophies (at all) before and now i got 11 so yay. :3

The story continues^^





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